About LMCC

This is LMCC, an organisation set up to support the people of Leytonstone.

Our Mission

We strive to support our local community, in particular our young people and women, in education, physical health, moral outlook and life aspiration so that they achieve their full potential as active and upright individuals.

Our Activities

LMCC offers an avenue for the youth to engage in purposeful activities, increase their employability and build trust within our community. We work to create viable routes out of economic deprivation and inspire high ambition in the next generation. 

We offer purposeful social and leisure services such as:

  • Social & recreational activity programme
  • Outdoor adventure trips and sports sessions
  • Personal development courses
  • Careers advice
  • Support from youth workers

LMCC is open to people of all faiths.

Why We Need It

There is a rising youth population that increasingly feels disenfranchised and unwanted, confused about its identity and facing problems such as drug misuse, crime, unemployment and family breakdowns. Sections of the community feel marginalised, excluded and housebound.

Against this context, we would suggest that the work and efforts of LMCC deserve to be welcomed.

Our Team

At the core of LMCC are experienced professionals who volunteer their time and offer their experience and guidance. They aim to pass on life skills and provide a local source of support for young people as they navigate a globalised world.

Our Experience

LMCC runs many events and projects throughout the year to engage and motivate our young members. Past events have included Leyton Orient football coaching and 5-a-side tournaments, canoeing and camping activity weekends in Wales, girls netball and ice skating events, girls outdoor skills training, girls theme park days out, paintball and orienteering events and our yearly Community Family Fun Days.

Our youth activities are supervised and adhere to respectful boundaries of gender segregation.